The wine

The style of Bargylus reds has evolved with the passing years. The first vintage, the 2006, was based on a blend of one-third Cabernet Sauvignon, one-third Syrah and one-third Merlot. The obvious success of the Syrah then basically changed the profile of the wine. The Bargylus 2010 is composed of two-thirds Syrah, and one-third a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Bargylus is an essentially Mediterranean wine with a surprisingly singular style. At no point does the Syrah dominate, the natural tendencies of this varietal having been suppressed by the intense terroir. Here Syrah expresses less black fruit and pepper, with a greater emphasis on floral aromas and a bias towards peony. Balance in the mouth seems built on radiant fruit with an aperitif freshness and round, elegant tannins. What is most surprising and seductive is the evident complexity – the impression that one is indeed tasting a very wine. The future is full of promise. Bargylus vines are still young, but they suggest great things to come.