It is with few words and sketches that we present to you Bargylus, a wine, a soil, a history… Bargylus establishes itself both as an innovator and the inheritor of a long-lasting tradition. We seek to convey, through these “Bargylics”, the deep roots of the first great wine of Syria. By being faithful to an ancestral land-owning history, the Johnny R.Saadé family has taken the commitment to revive the winemaking tradition of Mount Bargylus in Syria. Today, these passionate people are reviving the greatness of this exceptional “terroir” situated at an altitude of 900m in north-western Syria, by proposing a wine produced according to today’s most demanding criteria. This search for excellence is motivated by the unconditional commitment to let the world discover a long-forgotten yet exceptional “terroir”. As Land of refuge, Mount Bargylus fulfills that role once again for vines and their noblest expression: wine.