The beginning of the 2016 harvest at Bargylus is expected to start in 10 days for the white varieties. The weather this year is a bit cooler compared to previous years, with temperatures below average for the coastal city of Latakia which has slightly delaying the beginning of the harvest.

Given the circumstances in Syria, and thus since March 2011, determining the date of the beginning of harvest remains a daily challenge which we are facing. For the fifth consecutive year, samples of the grapes are being sent by taxi from Latakia to Beirut in order to determine the optimal date of harvest, based on the maturity of the grapes. As we get closer to the harvesting date, the back & forth of the taxi intensifies until the perfect date is determined. This annual challenge that has become almost like a ‘rendez-vous’ or even a ‘ritual’ remains a critical stage in the production of wine at Bargylus.